Ms. Arriaga has over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience. Ms. Arriaga began her career with Fresno County Sheriffs Dept. working in Patrol, correctional facility and Narcotics Unit. 
Ms. Arriaga moved to Silicon Valley to take on new challenges as a Police Officer with San Jose Police Department. Ms. Arriaga worked Patrol and later assigned to the Detective Bureau in Narcotics. 
Ms Arriaga then went on to work with the California Department of Justice as a Special Agent and later promoted to Operations Commander of the largest Task Force in the United States
Under Ms. Arriaga's command record breaking statistics were achieved in drug seizures.  During Ms. Arriaga's tenure she was assigned to The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where she successfully investigated and dismantled a large scale organized crime group.  Ms. Arriaga has received many accommodations to include "The Gil Pompa" award out of Washington DC for her outstanding leadership as a Commander.  Ms. Arriaga has worked together with local, state and federal agencies and has developed contacts internationally.  Ms. Arriaga is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and has been an instructor for this organization in the area of Strategic Planning.  Ms. Arriaga has instructed many command staff law enforcement officers in Strategic Planning throughout the United States.Ms. Arriaga was the COO/Vice President of Barna PI and Security and was instrumental in the development of this private investigation company, servicing many high-tech companies in work place crimes against the corporation and it's employees. According to San Jose Magazine, Ms. Arriaga was named one of "Silicon Valley's 100 most powerful people"  Ms. Arriaga was also featured on 60 Minutes and has been on the cover of Los Angeles Times, San Jose Magazine, San Jose Mercury News and many other publications throughout the United States.  
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